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Weichai special engine oil CH-4
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Weichai special engine oil CH-4

Viscosity: 10W30 15w40 20w50 Net content: 4L, 18L
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  Product features:

  Ultra low evaporation loss and low air pollution;

  Ultra long oil change period greatly reduces waste oil production;

  The rapid flow capacity greatly reduces the dry friction during start-up and stop;

  The super capacity of containing smoke can effectively solve the problems of wear, oil thickening and oil blockage caused by smoke;

  High quality base oil, long-term use of the same thick. It can significantly improve the anti-wear ability, reduce the wear of parts and prolong the engine life;

  Excellent high and low temperature viscosity characteristics and shear stability, effective control of oil viscosity changes, oil pressure is guaranteed.

  Application scope:

  This product is recommended for various Weichai diesel engines. At the same time, it is suitable for high-speed, heavy-duty, naturally aspirated or turbocharged diesel engines with imported or domestic latest electronic control and equipped with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), large and overweight container transport vehicles and off highway vehicles and equipment diesel engines operating under various harsh conditions.

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